Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Children Are No Longer Nestled Into Their Beds

Nice drive from Tri-Cities to Portland. Traffic was light and the fog surprisingly lifted near Umatilla. Raining in Portland but not a down pour. Justin texted me about noon time that he and Amanda were on the train and headed to Michigan. They won't arrive until this evening, so while I was waking up in a sometimes comfortable hide-a-bed, I was thinking about where they may have laid their heads down last night because they opted to not get a cabin on the train due to budget restraints. Ah, they're young and being college students they probably know how to sleep sitting up, right?

We stopped in The Dalles to stretch our legs, and if the truth be known, to check out the Salvation Army thrift store, since it was open. I don't know why we've never been to this one before but it's a really good one and we practically had the whole store to ourselves with an "overstocked" sale going on.  I scored an awesome cast iron round griddle for $8 and three really nice wool blazers for $1.99 each and a nice piece of Tupperware that was made in the U.S.A. that I couldn't leave there for .49 cents.  Gene found a corduroy hat and oh, another Sequence game, big print!  We now have 3 of those board games.  I forget how neat the town of The Dalles is .... it's a little bit of a step back in time there. Corporate America has not totally ruined the place.  Anyway ....

Speaking of Sequence, we got the game out last night and played two rounds with a total of 9 people.  We have some new recruits to the game and they were instantly hooked.  It's a great game for the kids too because they can all play with the adults now.  So much fun!!

Also, we actually sat down and watched a whole movie together with the kids. Great movie called "Fly Away Home".  Cathy & Jeremy have a new 32" LCD HD TV.  We still have the old, old TV and I was totally obsessed with the clearness of their new TV.  I'm not a big TV watcher but I'm afraid if I got one of those new ones, I might be spending a lot more time in front of it and then I'd have to order NetFlix ... that's how it starts.  Pretty soon I'd be calling in sick because I had to stay home and watch some 4 year series I ordered and ... well ... guess I'll get my fill of TV while I'm here.

Well, the children are up and Santa apparently has been here so I'd better get off this thing and see what's happening. 

love, Susan


  1. Have a Super Merry Christmas susan!

  2. Well Sue....truth be known there might not be any asparagus that I pickled left..we just love it. The carrots are great also. Happy Holidays to you, Gene and safe return home. Love you both. Dad and Nancy

  3. checking to see if this works for evie.......

  4. Hope that Cathy doesn't think her 42" TV has somehow shrunk to 32" as she may panic, and if not her, Jeremy will really be disturbed.

  5. I stand corrected. All I know is it is really big and bright and clearer than anything I've ever seen before. I think I love it.


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