Friday, December 3, 2010

The Road is My Middle Name

Portland, here we come.  We decided to just get out on the road today and make our way over for Gene's 60th birthday celebration.  The weather has been so crappy.  We decided that if it just gets really bad on the road, we'll simply turn around and come back.  

After 9 years of traveling together, we've really pared down our list of things to pack. We both have overnight bags and can throw them together in about 20 minutes.  Today will be an interesting trip because we're first going up to Walla Walla to pick up Jasper and possibly his girlie-girl to bring with us. Jasper is a lot of fun and I think it will make our trip really interesting.  There's nothing like trapping young people in a car to get their undivided attention.

I used to love to do that to Justin.  He didn't really know that's what was happening but when things were not quite right in our lives, I'd just grab him and we'd go for a ride.  He didn't have an iPod back then.  I doubt taking a ride would be quite the same today.  However, while he was here at T-day, I did ask him to help me make the bed they slept in and after we placed the comforter on it, he sat down on the bed and I sat on the floor and we got some mother-son time together.  That was really precious for me.  I love that kid.  I love that he looks at me when he's talking and he listens when I talk. I can't tell you what we talked about although it's close to my heart and we told the truth and it was special.  
I love that my son and his wife came for T-day and that they got to go back to their own lives. I don't know exactly when I let go of the idea that he's no longer a child but it helps that he has a partner who really loves him and they make decisions together.  I asked him about going to do some things while they were here and he said, "let me talk to Amanda ...".  Oh yeah, I thought, that's a really good idea.

Speaking of good ideas, I should get my bootie going.  Road trip.  It doesn't seem to matter how many times we make that trip over to Portland, I love going.  I love the Columbia River, I love the sound of the wheels, I love the smell of fresh coffee pouring out of Gene's thermos, and today I suspect we'll have some laughs with Jasper along for the ride.  Ta ta for now!

love, susan

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