Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Year Gone By?

Good grief ... how is it possible that in almost two weeks, I have to start thinking about doing my taxes again

The things that have been bubbling up in my head in the last couple of days are all the New Year resolution kinda things I think about this time of year.  I never really make resolutions, per say, but I try to think of things that I want to do the next year and write 'em down. I also try to think of places I'd like go or people I'd like to see the next year. Last year, I did the whole month of January "tips" for saving dollars, time, and recycling.  A couple of those have really stuck with me. 

Hair-care products: I'm still using up all the hairsprays & hair junk from last year's New Year's list. This last visit to my stylist, I did have to buy some new "hair taffy" because I ran out of the other stuff.  I really like the new product she sold me. I hope it lasts a long time because it was $19 for a little jar of it. I'll admit I was taken in by the shiny silver packaging. What a pretty container! Oh, and the stuff inside is a light purple color with the most delicious fragrance. It feels like taffy in my fingers and it truly holds my hair in place. I ran out of Redken's Rewind 6 a couple of weeks ago. It lasted me over a year.  Money well spent, I think.

Other hair care products:  I still use them but there are a couple in this bunch that are just plain old bad purchases. Like, "Heat Treat". I will never use this, I don't know why I bought it.  I think I'll throw it away today.  I love my Bed Head hairspray but I think I'm allergic to it because my scalp always itches horribly when I use it, but I like it so much I use it anyway. I paid $19.50 for that can of spray, I'll suffer.  Wanna know the best product in this bunch? That green goo called "Mega Hold" by Estrella. Justin bought it when he first moved to Yuma some 3+ years ago, when he still had hair. I love this stuff.

Perfume:  This is what's left of my collection of smelly stuff from over a year ago.  I made a promise to myself that I would use up what I have before I bought more.  I almost fulfilled that promise to myself until one of my good friends had a Mary Kay party and even though I did not attend, I did buy a bottle of "Bella" from her. I already had the other Mary Kay perfume shown in the middle here but it had been shoved to the back and I recently brought it out and I really like it.  The purple one on the right is "Love Spell" by Victoria Secret. It's my least favorite but as you can see, I'm still using it and I make a pledge, right here, right now to use it up in 2011.

Food:  Last night I pulled out a frozen container of Chicken Tortilla Soup that I stuck in the freezer when Nancy & dad were here in September. We had it for dinner last night and Gene thought it was just as wonderful as the day I made it. I was happy I didn't waste it and it provided a quick supper before we headed out the door last night. I did much better last year with using up my leftovers.  I still have room for improvement so I bring it up now as a way of making myself accountable ... to me. 

I'll be thinking about the New Year and continue trying to develop better habits for less waste.  I'm a work in progress.

love, susan

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