Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Should Thai It

Yesterday, Gene and I drove into Kennewick to try lunch at Hoang's Saigon Restaurant which is located on W. Columbia Drive. We usually buy our noodles and other staples for stir fry at the Asian store connected to this restaurant. It's been almost 3 years since we moved here and just never made the time to go there for lunch.  We will definitely be going back. While the owners have not wasted money and energy on the atmosphere, one should never ever judge a book by its cover. Authentic. Great. Food.

We killed two birds with one stone in our trip. I have been wanting to venture into some new Thai dishes at home but didn't have the right ingredients. The book pictured here was bought at our favorite Thai place and the owner has made the recipes really easy to follow.  I think. I'll get back to you on that.  

I'm making Pad Thai tonight. I'm not venturing into Tofu just yet, however, I do love Tofu when it's made right ~ fried, that is.

I also bought some dark rye flour today as I'm hoping to try my hand at a loaf of homemade rye bread.  I've never made it before but it's one of Gene's favorite things in the whole world.  If it all works out, I'll be posting photos and recipes to my other blog, What's Cooking.

Do you have a recipe you've been saving and wanting to try? 

love, susan


  1. I have never had Thai food. I love Vietnamese food. They are vastly different, right? I used to watch a Thai cooking show; was never curious to try it though. There's still time for me to give it a shot . . .

  2. We love Thai food and have our favorite place here. I haven't cooked any however, but might give it a try. I'm just not into cooking these days...not sure why. I am also a huge fan of a new Japanese restaurant here! And Alan loves a Korean restaurant here an old gas station painted purple and called Noodles. LOL That's Alaska for you.

  3. @ Limner ~ I had not really tried much Thai food until I met my husband. Yes, Vietnamese and Thai food have different flavors. I like both! I also like some Korean dishes, however, Korean food can be so much hotter than one has to be careful. We love our food spicy!

    @ Janie ~ I love, love, LOVE eating at places that are funky and totally non-corporate. I'd love it if you snapped a photo of your Korean restaurant for me!


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