Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Words

My friend, Debi's dog, Tank. He's cute!
We're going on a short road trip today over to Portland so I gotta write quick and sign off for a couple of days. Perhaps I'll get time to sneak in a post or two while over on the wet side.

So today I thought I'd just post some "two words" for fun. I'll try to just type whatever pops into my head.  

Try it!  Come on! It's fun! Do it! You'll See! Let's Go!

Road trip. Rest stops. Junk food. Talk alot. Coffee cups. Blue skies. No rain. No motorcycles. High gas. Low mileage. Fun grandkids. Sliced watermelon. Dinner: lasagna. Swimming pool. Card games. Silly talk. Big hugs. See friends. Watch movies. More hugs. Laugh alot. No crying. More coffee. More hugs. Take walks. Listen intently. Talk lovingly. Eat breakfast. More hugs. Say goodbye. Road trip. More coffee. Come home.

Your turn! Come on. Try it. Just write. Don't think. Just write. It's fun. Be a. Good sport!

love, susan


  1. blue sky's, warm sunshine, catch fish, smoke fish, eat fish, funny movie, big hugs, play cards, boat trips, puppy kisses, good friends, love ya Sue....

  2. Have fun! Be safe. Miss you. Write soon!

  3. lobster tails, love you, quick nap, i'm retired, beautiful day, miss you, dog kisses, peaceful silence, best friend

  4. clean kitchen, do laundry, clean kitchen, do laundry, pass out. ha ha.


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