Friday, June 3, 2011

My Blankie

Blankie.  Did you ever have one?  Do you still have one?

Today, we had a little yard sale. I've been placing stuff in boxes all winter and after pricing it all yesterday, I put it out and sold very little. I was not disappointed. The sun is shining today, I got loads of boxes out of my house. I got to talk to some really nice people. And, we sold a couple of clunky items like a water cooler and an ice chest. I sold my old clarinet that I played some 30+ years ago. It went to a good home where there is someone who may be able to get it in working shape.

And, I gave away this little hand-knitted blankie my mom made for Justin, to the youngest of my neighbor lady's four children. 

She had walked over as I was starting to lose interest in this whole yard sale thing. I handed her oldest son (age 8) an old wind-up clock that Gene used when he was working. That little guy was so interested in how the clock works and he let me show him how to wind it and set the alarm. He excitedly said to his mom, "we don't have to buy expensive batteries for this!"

Back to the blankie.  So, I'm standing there talking to my neighbor and I gave her all the clothes I had on the table ~ including lots of jeans I can't fit into any longer. There was a beautiful black dress I had worn to a fancy gala when I lived in Yuma that I've since outgrown and she said it was perfect for church on Sunday. She was so happy to have it all and I knew in an instant that I was not supposed to make money today.

And then it happened.  The thing that happens sometimes when you least expect it but when it does, it rocks your world and you know you've experienced the sweetest moment.  Her darling, blonde, little baby boy, who looks to be almost 2, reaches into a "free" box and pulled out this blanket, holds it in close to his chest and face and exclaims, "my blankie!"  I wish I could find the words to explain how in a single moment I was transported back 25 years to a time when mine held a blankie so near and dear.  Whew.  I nearly lost it.

People used to tell me, "enjoy every minute ... the time goes by so fast".  They were not kidding.

My takeaway today:  Don't blink too hard ... you might miss the single most important moment of the day. 

love, susan


  1. Love that post. And yes you blink and miss a whole 20 something years. How does the time go so fast.

  2. Well, in our house it was called a binki. Every one of my 4 children had a favorite binki and one was mended so much that that is almost all there is...just the mending. It's a comfort thing and we all need it. I love this post. You are such a wonderful giving person. lucky neighbors!!

  3. When my son was born, a friend crocheted a beautiful blanket for him and told me she hoped I would send her pictures of him dragging it around the house until it was a rag. She always dreamed of making a child's favorite blankie. did not happen with my son. He was never one to cling to a blanket. I still have the blanket though, in pristine condition. Maybe if he ever has a child, I can pass it on to his first born.

  4. Aw now, why'd you go and make me all weepy and such? :) Am so happy for the sun shining on you today. You earned more than money didn't you? Great post.

  5. I had a doggie blanket when I was young.. I think all the way through first grade.. My Mom has quilted it and it had squares with dogs in them. Hmm.. binki is what we called the thingy that our kids sucked on, just as long as ya have a homey name for stuff..that it the thing.


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