Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Field Trip

Just got home from a "field trip" on the public transit out to Prosser.  Gene got a free pass when he turned 60 in December and had yet to use it, so I convinced him to take a bus ride with me out in the country just for fun.  And, it was fun!

We met a friendly, young woman on the bus who just got out of jail this morning after spending 30 days there for some very overdue fines and a warrant.  She was heading back on up to Yakima and we learned from her and the bus driver there is a free bus from Prosser to Yakima daily.  Good information to know for anyone who doesn't have wheels who might need to get to Yakima.  When we got off the bus, we walked around Prosser, had some very crappy Chinese food before we headed back to the bus station to catch our ride home.

While in Prosser, we visited the local courthouse. Gene spotted a woman sleeping at her desk. I can totally understand why. There wasn't a soul in the place. We also spotted a TV news reporter setting up her video camera outside the courthouse. She told us there was a gang task force (from Yakima) meeting happening and she would be interviewing the team when they came out.  Go task force!!

After the gang task force interview, she told us she was heading over to the local pool. I caught that interview on TV tonight. It's a really nice new pool with awesome slides, etc.

Prosser is not a big town but we like going there because the ride is really pretty between here and there. We often stop at the big rest stop in Prosser when we're motorcycling in that direction.  The town is famous for its wineries.
I had to shoot this photo through the bus window which was shaded but you get the idea.  This area is really beautiful.  I love the summer months when the grape vines are all green and the river winds through the towns. Right now the river is extremely high.

It was a great way to spend the day! The wind kicked up and we walked about a mile home from the bus station. Our next adventure will be to downtown Kennewick. We plan to just get on the bus and spend some time roaming around the art shops and pretending we're tourists. The great thing about riding the bus is that we get to see things out the window we normally miss when driving the car or motorcycles.  Today we saw 6 or 8 woodchucks or pickapins or ground gophers ... whatever you call them ... along a street outside of Prosser. I love spotting things I've not seen before. I should have a summer scavenger hunt list ~ wouldn't that be fun?

Hope you had a beautiful day too!

love, susan


  1. I used to fall asleep at my desk, while writing emails!! or just would fall asleep and be jerked awake when a researcher would come in. It was embarrassing but I wasn't getting any more than 4 hours of sleep at night and my job was so high stress that I couldn't leave it at work when I left each day after working overtime.

    I love "Let the Sunshine on Your Soul". I plan to use it, I hope it's ok.

  2. I knew a paralegal who got pregnant at age 50+ and she would fall asleep at her desk. We thought it was hilarious and of course, we knew she needed the sleep so we didn't bother her. So funny!

    Please do use the "fortune" that was in my cookie yesterday at the crappy Chinese restaurant. The best thing about that meal was the hot tea and my fortune cookie. I rarely complain about food but it was the worst Chinese food I've ever had.

  3. Well it was a good first "free" bus ride for me, and have to say, it was I am pretty sure the worst Chinese food I have ever had... really could not even call it Chinese, as it was almost unidentifiable as such. Oh well it was a fun trip, other than that.

  4. That was quite refreshing Susan. A nice pick-me-up for someone who hasn't ridden a bus in over 20 years. We don't have buses in Katy. Okay, there's park and ride, but that's it. Am looking forward to "our" next trip. :)


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