Saturday, June 25, 2011

What the World Needs .....

What the world needs is a lot more hugs and old Corvettes.

I was reading my friend Jane's blog this morning (see Unexpected Embrace) and it really warmed my heart. It reminded me of the unexpected embrace I received at the airport last Thanksgiving when I stood there crying a river of tears, saying goodbye to my son and his wife. A nice woman we had been talking to earlier came over and just placed her arms around me in an unexpeced embrace.  I'm so happy I am in a place where I can receive love today. Which reminded me ...

of a time when I worked at the mental health center in Fairbanks with my friend Jane (mentioned above).  I've written about this before but I don't think I can write enough about love.  I loved the job I held when I worked at the center which helped people with chronic mental illnesses. It was the first job ever where hugging was allowed and actually encouraged. We had a great team of people who served a population that requires intense services and the work is hard but, oh, so rewarding. When I left that job some 20 years ago, I never found another work place where I could enjoy a hug with my co-workers until I worked at hospice. It's just not done in the legal field.  I don't know why. I don't know who made the stupid, unwritten rules.  I just know in my heart of hearts that if there was a little more hugging going on, there would be less stress.  I know it because I've experienced it. How can you treat someone badly that you've hugged?

Thanks Jane, for the reminder that there is still a lot of love in the world. I totally got a warm fuzzy reading your post .... I needed a virtual hug today.

love, susan

P.S. I shot this Corvette going down the avenue late yesterday afternoon. Gene told me it's his very favorite car in the whole world. Isn't it a beauty?


  1. In the world of 'vettes, there is maybe only one better than the '57 roadster, and that would be I would say the '63 Stingray. Saw one of those at the Cool Desert Nights car show too. Has to be around 800 cars that came in for the show. Really a legendary event here in Richland.

  2. Hugs are one of the main reasons I love living in Alaska. Everyone seems to be open to hugging and I do it frequently. Everyone needs hugs, but they're even more wonderful when they come unexpectedly. {{{big hug}}}


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