Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Week Older

A camping Haiku

Three hours today
Driving, talking, hiking
Some more ghost stories.

We're headed out for an overnight camping adventure to take our grandson home. We're going to meet his mom more than half-way at a camp ground where we'll all go hiking and spend the night. It is a 3-hour drive to get there.

We always have such a grand time together. I was thinking last night that it sure takes a lot of time to get ready for camping. I don't know why. But it sure is worth it. I usually grumble about it but I'm always so happy when we finally get there and after the tent is pitched and I've got my camping chair strategically placed, I sit there and just feel so happy to be sitting in the trees.

Last night, I baked a double batch of cookies and some zucchini bread. I cut up some fruit and made a mental list of what I need to put in the cooler. Probably a big mistake to not have written some things down. I was too tired to think about it.

This morning, I'm rested and really looking forward to seeing the kids we saw just a week ago. We're all a week older.  I think about that a lot.  Every day is precious.

Gotta go and get breakfast started.  love, susan


  1. Thinking about each day, each week, and each month as it passes becomes something more significant when we get older. We appreciate "time" more and feel like we have less, when in fact, we have the same that we have always had and we are probably using it better then we did when we were younger. Time passing...can be frightening words sometimes.

  2. How appropriate to read this blog entry today - with the haiku at the top - after I just posted several haikus on facebook that I wrote in my head while walking. I love haikus!

    As for camping - we have become so spoiled by our travel trailer, that we are looking forward to getting back to the basic this month when we head up into the Wrangells. I hope I still feel so enthusiastic after a week of *roughing it*.

    It's sobering to realize that we have less time left in the future than we've already covered in the past. It all went by so quickly.


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