Friday, June 24, 2011

Light 'em Up

I love pink cars. Don't you? I'm not sure I'd really want to drive one but when I see them, I am drawn to them. 

This beautiful classic pink Cadillac really drew my attention last night at the car show.  Thursday night is the night all the cars show up from everywhere and get entered for the weekend show. I think there is a cruise tonight. For anyone who has never been to a car show, "the cruise" is where many of the car owners start from one side of town and cruise their cars in a parade, of sorts, to the place where they eventually park them for the show the next day. "The cruise", in my opinion, is the best part of a car show. You get to hear the ponies running.  Sometimes, a street rod owner will "light 'em up" ~ that's street slang for spin the tires and make 'em squeal and smoke. Well, that's my favorite part!!! They are not supposed to do that but there's always a rebel or two in the line-up who succumb to the crowd's begging them to light 'em up!

Although I love old cars, I'm not crazy about car shows. I think they're boring and quite frankly when I see my husband put his hands in his pockets and sort of walk around a certain car and start talking to the owner, I know I'm going to be standing there, looking like a dumb girl for way longer than I want to. Come on, I say.  There are 600+ cars here, are you going to talk to every single owner?  I know what he's thinking at this point. I should have left her at home.

Last night we had our grandson with us. He seemed to take a bit of an interest in all the old cars, especially when one of them drove by and he noticed they had a set of "balls" hanging off the back.  Tacky, I say. He was impressed. (I'm smiling here.  Hey, he's 13!)

Uh oh. I just noticed the grandson has his hands in his pockets in this photo. A chip off the old block?  Perhaps.  I wonder what they are thinking when they stare into the mouth of an old pickup truck so intently with their hands in their pockets?

I can tell you what I was thinking.  Are we done yet? My back is killing me. I didn't wear the right shoes for walking and standing. Can we go home now? Gene could see it in my eyes.

I try to find the best thing in every situation. There were some dogs at the car show last night. This little cutie was in some kind of classic pickup truck. I couldn't tell you anything about the truck but I was so glad to have something to catch my attention. 

I also noticed most people were smiling last night. We've had a particularly cooler and rainier spring than normal and since the weather has brightened up, so have people's spirits. We started at the concert in the park, where a big crowd of people showed up and then went over to the car show. There was also a Harley Davidson "Hogs & Dogs" event along with Randy Travis doing a concert on the river last night. Despite all of these events happening on the same night, it seemed there were plenty of people to go around.  I love summer, don't you?
Huge crowd!
This is a sight hound. Not pretty but they are wonderful canines.

What's your favorite kind of car?
Lots of chrome, huh?
 love, susan



  1. I had a 1963 Oldsmobile convertible when I was in high first car. It actually sat in a swamp for year where the drunk driver left it. It was taken out, dried out, and cleaned up and I think my parents got it for a song. Anyway, it has twin hollywood pipes and made a sweet sound when I accelerated. I really loved that car.

  2. My favorite car was my '88 cherry red Camaro. I bought it a few years after divorcing my first husband, with money I worked hard to save. I looked good in it too. *grin* I blew the engine in it in 1996 going crazy fast on the highway. I think I had it up to 115mph for a good while. Good thing there were no troopers around, and that I didn't lose control of it. (What a dummy I was!) I do miss that car, even though it wouldn't be a good car for AK.

  3. Love your stories Jane and Susan! My first husband and I had a TransAm for a short 9 months. We couldn't afford the gas for it. My choice would be an old Mustang.


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