Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunset on the Columbia River

The Cable Bridge - Kennewick, Washington
This is probably the most photographed landmark in the Tri-Cities. We were down at the waterfront last night listening to a great rhythm & blues band and  watch the sun go down.

Our grandson brought his sketch pad and cell phone and spent a little time with each as we listened to the girl singer belt out some hot numbers, including some of their original work which was really good. I got up to shoot some pics and Gene visited with a guy who he claimed talked more than he did. Imagine that. I'm not talking out of turn here. My husband can conversate (I just made this word up). It's his gift.

The air was soft and warm but not overly. We were relieved when the sun starting to descend and a slight cool breeze wafted up to us from the river.  Ahhhh ... it came just before we started to sweat.

There is not much else to say about last night except that it was good to be outside after such a hot afternoon stuck in the house watching a movie called "The Next Three Days". I found out at Blockbuster that we can get free movies all day long, one at a time, until July 4th but we will just stick to one a day. It's hot enough that we need something to do while staying inside in the cool a/c.   I'll leave you with some photos I took last night. If you have free  summer concerts where you live, I hope you go. The bands need your love and it's way better than sitting in front of the television, for sure.     love, susan

People were grooving to the music. I love watching people have fun!

The Coyote Kings

This photo hardly captures how beautiful the sunset was.

Sun setting on the Columbia River

People having fun!


  1. Great shots Susan, love the silouettes and the sunset photos. I can not get this to take a comment on my google account. It makes me crazy fighting with this all the time,on my blog too. Kathy

  2. I really LOVE the silhouette dancers! They really speak to me!

  3. Thank you both for the nice comments on the silhouette dancers. It was an accident that I shot them. After I shot the first one, I couldn't quit snapping!


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