Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix today. The sun is coming up and it promises to be a perfect February day. We'll head out after the rush hour traffic dies down about 9:30 a.m. and start cruising 'hoods.

Stopped in Yuma overnight and stayed with a good friend. Visited my aunt & uncle and discovered my cousins were there so that was a pleasant surprise.

The trip getting here was a bit treacherous in places but we made it. Not sure which route we'll take home but Highway 101 is sounding good after the snow & ice on 95.

We're staying with some most excellent friends and last night they were telling us that 50% of home owners in the state of Arizona are under water.  And that doesn't mean river water.  After thinking about it for a little bit and some discussion, we're guessing this just needed to happen to get housing prices back where they should have been all along.  Could take 10 years for the market to square up.

No bother. The sun is shining and I've been able to snap a few desert photos.  Life is good.

love, susan


  1. I woke up to snow in Seattle today, Susan! Fairbanks had 18" yesterday and the most snow since early 2000. Enjoy the nice sunshine and warmth!

  2. so sorry we missed you. Hope your dad can drive the rv to yuma. prob should have stayed there. Glad you are having a nice trip and miss the snow if you can.


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