Saturday, February 5, 2011

Horse Puckey

What a beautiful day it has been so far. We went to a friend's 50th birthday party earlier and then drove home to get "Missy" to take her for a little walk near the river. The temp is warmer today and really pleasant for walking. Lots of people out with big smiles on their face. It's like someone turned a switch on everyone's attitudes. Well, at least mine!

When we got back from our walk, I spotted these horses in the parking lot that had just come in from a trail ride. They even looked happy for the weather.
It's not quite spring yet so there wasn't much to shoot while out today but I did find some really interesting lichens growing on the trees. I love the colors. I didn't have to do any editing at all to my photos. Gray days make a nice contrast for these almost neon colors.

Missy was happy to be out and so was this other dog.

I've got some coffee brewing and now I'm chilled so hoping I can just curl up with a cuppa and maybe catch an old movie.

Grateful for good friends, Gene, a little sunshine, lichens, horses, good health, good news, and coffee. 

love, susan


  1. Your day was a bit better than mine but gonna get in my jammies and chill...

  2. I always love reading these :)

  3. Taylor --- thanks so much for your comment. It means the world to me!!


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