Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blue Skies

Leaving soon on a road trip to Phoenix. It's raining here this morning and I'm glad. It makes the thought of driving 20 hours to get to blue skies even sweeter.

I was emailing with a friend at work recently about Route 66.  I found this photo I took a long time ago and it conjures up all kinds of great memories for me. 
Gene and I have been along Route 66 in a couple of places.  Kingman is a funky little town that has a personality of its own.  One of my most favorite places along Route 66 is Tucumcari, New Mexico. It's only because we happened to stay there one night at this old, restored motel. It had been recently purchased by a retired couple and we spent a little time visiting with them and it was just grand to see the American spirit of small business.  I hope they made it.

We like to find little off-the-grid places to stay when we travel. I can't remember what town we were in one time in Nevada but we ducked off the main street one block and found the coolest, old motel that sort of looked like old Switzerland. The rooms were small but cheap and clean and quiet. It was a trip where I forgot to bring my own coffee pot. They let us fill up our thermos the next morning before we headed out on the road. You gotta love that!  Try asking for that in a corporate motel/hotel

I wasn't going to write this morning but I can't help it. I wake up and have all this stuff on my mind.  I'm getting really excited about going on the road. We've never done a road trip in the middle of winter so it'll have a different look & feel.

Someone on my FB reported it was 78 degrees in Phoenix yesterday.  I think I'd better pack some short sleeve shirts.

love, susan 


  1. When I lived in the Lower 48 road trips happened all the time and I loved the excitement I would feel with the anticipation of each trip. There were always so many things to see along the way! Now that I live in Alaska, road trips are few and far between. We live a long way from everywhere so any road trip involves at least one overnight and sometimes more! Have a great trip....Phoenix is beautiful. Drive safe!!

  2. What a sweet surprise to find this here this am. I look forward to the chat with you every day. Love Love Love ya.

  3. Love ya too, Nancy! And you too, Janie!

  4. That Motel was in Winnemucca Nevada, "The Shady Cove" or some such.. two blocks north off the main street... Another one, Linda's Motel, in Wells Nevada let me, NO, INSISTED, that I fill my thermos.. I tried to pay for the coffee, but they wouldn't hear of it.. and the nights stay was super comfortable off I-80, and a whopping $32/night. I would surely stay there again if they are still in business..


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