Monday, February 14, 2011

Coffee .... I love it.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, 
please bring me some coffee.  ~ Abraham Lincoln

I love coffee.

I remember when coffee shops got really popular some 20 years ago. I was living in Eagle River, Alaska, and there was a little coffee place called The Sleepy Dog Coffee Company.

This was one of my favorite places to just go and hang out. I'm glad to see it's still there. When you go inside, there are lots of bulletin boards and people bring photos of their dogs to hang up. They used to have an open mic and it was fun to just sit and watch people.

Lately, I've been kind of tired of my home brewed java. I go through spurts where it just doesn't taste good to me. I usually keep some different brands on hand for those occasions.  Gene bought a wagon load of "Mr. Coffee" coffee at the Grocery Outlet a couple of months ago. It's super good and I'm just about ready to open up a can to take on our trip to Phoenix. 

Speaking of  which, Gene reminded me to carry along our extra coffee pot.  Listen.  We are serious coffee drinkers! I'm so excited that he remembered to remind me to pack it. I'll be able to set the program so that we can wake up to coffee in the motel rooms everywhere we stay. And, I'll be able to fill our big thermos with fresh coffee .... the kind I like.

I have tried to give up coffee once or twice in my lifetime.  It was crazy. I got the worst headache ever.  I actually gave it up for about a month and then one day I thought I should just have one cup. That's how it starts ...    I limit myself to two cups a day except when traveling on vacation. 

If you ever come to visit me, I promise I'll make you a good cup of coffee. 

Well, I am posting tonight because I have a few things I gotta get done in the morning so I'm going to forego blogging tomorrow morning.

talk to ya later gaters!  love, susan


  1. Now what will I read in the Morning??? DID YOU SAY COFFEE? I have some good stuff here waiting for you..I love to share too.

  2. We almost had a meltdown at home this morning. Justin was making our morning coffee only to realize that we might not have enough.


    Luckily, we had enough for two small cups of coffee. There will be a grocery run tonight, if only to prevent a repeat of this morning. :)

  3. Well, I try to limit my intake to half a gallon a day... not a drop over that..well.. unless I am doing some serious late night computing or study. New study out says that heavy drinks of coffee, and not that crap decaf stuff, at 5+ cups per day have very significantly lower incidence of developing Altzheimers. So I AIN'T TAKING CHANCES... !! POUR ANOTHER ONE, JUST LIKE THE OTHER ONE... tee hee..


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