Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Friends & Big Clocks

Last night as I was walking towards the front door of home, I saw Mr. Kitty sitting in the chair looking out the window. I almost got into the house and thought, dang that would make a nice picture. I ran to the car to get the camera and got the shot. I really didn't even see Missy sitting in the background until a moment before I shot it. 

I love these animals. They're the best friends any girl could have. Right now, as I am writing this, Missy is curled up on our favorite nogahyde chair that Gene bought at an auction way before he got me. I love that chair and Gene, too.

I love my human friends, too. I have a lot of 'em and they come from all stations in life. Not all of them would like each other if placed in the same room together for too lengthy of a time but it's been my observation over the years that this is what makes life spicy. If all my friends were the same, it'd be like eating the same bowl of mushy oatmeal everyday without adding fruit or sugar. Bland.

I've been feeling a bit melancholy the last week or so. (Read: emotionally fragile.) Been thinking a lot about growing older and decidedly how I spend my days. Time is precious and I don't want to waste any of it.

When I turned 40, which was 11+ years ago, I was sitting at work one day and watching the gigantic clock on the wall above my desk. I'm not sure I ever really noticed how big that clock was before my 40th birthday but all of a sudden I started noticing the second hand tick, tick, ticking away. I had this thought that has never gone away since the moment I had it.  Every second of my life that goes by is a second I cannot get back.  It's as if a big voice from who-knows-where said, "This is your life, Susan. Better start living it and stop wasting time".

I realize this post kind of wandered a bit. That's how my mind works these days. I'm painfully & joyfully aware of it. Here's the thing. I'm glad I didn't miss the cute kitty shot. And I'm glad I didn't miss the joy of seeing my furry friends looking out the window, hopefully waiting for me to come home. I'm glad I have good friends and a happy husband.  I wish the clock would take a break once in awhile or at least slow down a tick or two. But since that's not going to happen, I think I'll just try to fill the days with as much good stuff as I can.  Happy thoughts ...
I love being on the outside looking in sometimes!

love, susan



  1. Love this post Susan and I love the pic of the kids waiting for mom to arrive home from work. They do bring such joy to our lives!! Oscar watches out our living room window around quitting time and when he sees our car he races down the hallway to the back door so he can come out and greet us. He is ALWAYS there. I wish I was that joyful every day about something! We can really learn from our pets about living our best life.

  2. Yes the clock is ticking and too fast. We start to look at what we have now and more and more decide what is really important and what we would rather not have or do. I miss a pet. I miss that warmth you get from them. Jim does not cuddle and Ginger cuddled. Pun intended ;-). Love ya, Nancy

  3. Susan, I have these exact same feelings about the clock ticking but being almost 66 means that my second hand isn't going to go around as many times as yours will. Each minute I am unhappy or sad is a minute wasted! I have been suffering from a bad depression and have recently discovered it is because my days haven't been filled with smiles but with tears. That's not a good thing. So now I'm working real hard to make up for those wet-eye days and enjoy each and every day as much as possible. It's nice to know I'm not alone in these feelings. huggs!

  4. I love the picture of the cat through the blinds, with the dog in the background. Great shot! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when a photograph turns out fantastic? When that happens for me, I just stare at the image with amazement, "Did I really capture that?"


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