Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hearing My Dad Laugh

Justin & dad at NAU 2008(?)
I love to hear my dad laugh. He does it often. 

Truthfully, I love to hear all people laugh.  My dad has a great sense of humor and most days he can be seen and heard laughing. He used to love to dance. You gotta love a guy who loves to dance. He is slowing down a bit these days but the one thing I'm pretty sure about is that he still gets a smile on his face and perhaps a chuckle now and then. I'm not sure he's still dancing but maybe!
Nancy & dad at JP's graduation 2009
My dad has a really fun spirit. He's getting close to 80 but he's still laughing. I selected these photos because they are the ones I could find so early this morning. We're getting ready to attend another college graduation in May so it seems appropriate to post these. The top one was from a trip dad & I took to Flagstaff the first year Justin started at Northern Arizona University.  That was a really fun trip, just dad & I. When we were driving home, his rig got a flat tire. I was driving ... too fast ... no doubt. I'm glad I didn't get us killed.  It was scary because it was dusk but a really nice young couple stopped and gave us a ride up to the next town so we could get the tire fixed. We were 
Amanda, JP, dad and me, graduation 2009
 in the middle of nowhere. We laughed about it later.

I got to take a long trip with dad in 2001 when mom died. We drove the motorhome to Alaska together, spent the summer, and then drove back to Arizona. It's a trip I'll never forget. I was so glad to get to spend that time with my dad ... it was really special. One day when we pulled over to make some lunch, I opened a cupboard over the sink to get a coffee cup out and one of the cups fell and hit me on the head. I was so pissed off I started crying.  He explained to me that when you travel in a motorhome, there are certain
Dad - Flagstaff 2009
things you have to remember. Stuff shifts when you roll. I'll never forget that lesson, dad. We laughed and cried a lot on that trip. I can hardly believe 10 years has gone by since then.  This next to the last photo was taken in Flagstaff right after graduation. We were walking back to the dorms and I'm pretty sure my dad had just passed air here. Hence, the waving arm behind his back! And the big shit-eating grin on his face!!!  The last photo was taken at the wings place in Flagstaff. 

Love you dad!!
Dad and me - Flagstaff 2009

love, susan


  1. How touching and wonderful to be able to see your relationship and love with your dad. I envy you as I never had that. Laughter! Well, they say it is very healing too and that all relationships that are good are filled with laughter. Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Now that made tears of happiness. That was one of the best trips to Flag. The condo was great and even the snow was fun. To be able to watch you with your pride showing on seeing Justin graduate was like you had bling all over you. May here we come....double bling for Sue with both Amanda and Justin.

  3. Well yes.. Those two kids have worked hard as hades to get to where they are.. but as they say, there is an immense amount of fun about it all. The graduations have been and will be nice.. but will never exceed the joyful time at their wedding and reception. Was really nice to meet Amanda's Mom, her younger sister, and two brothers. Oh and Jim for sure had just "cut the cheese" as he has that impish grin on his face.. Too Much Fun..


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