Friday, February 11, 2011

The Perfect Valentine's Gift

I have enjoyed seeing our grandson on FB, especially this week. I love this exchange of ideas about The Perfect Valentine's Gift so much I have to share it. I decided to use only first names to protect the innocent, except for mine.

Brevin: most of use men wonder what is the perfect valentine's day gift is. so what is it?

Ursa:   idk,u should know.aren't u the ladies man.ha ha
 J.t:. if only i knew... and brevin you spelled use instead of us (i get it from my mom)
Nicholas: Chocolate should work, but i'm not sure

Susan Arthur: You can never go wrong with chocolates, ever. Flowers are really super sweet. Heart jewelry is always special. If you're on a budget, write a song or a poem or a sweet story.

Bubba: Ummm somethin that is like a teddy bear or CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Arthur: Oh yeah ... teddy bears! Yep, that's good too!

Ariel: Chocolate, Teddy Bears, Chocolate, Cd's, Chocolate, Bear hugs. Chocolate, Framed photo of you and said girl, Chocolate, get my drift? (chocolate :) )

Devon:   i have a great idea, ditch the holiday.It's too mushy.

Ariel:  lol

Brevin: ok i got some good idea's now ariel

Ariel:  Oh yeah, a giant boquet of roses or other flowers. Or chocolate.

Nicholas:   is right you should just skip it. it was just made up by a greeting card company.

Melanie: chocolate and tell said girl she is pretty:)

Ariel: XD I remember that!

Nicholas:  lol good times

Brevin: what i dont get it :(
Wynter:  you are such a sweetie B!!!

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  1. As just another one of those baffled, for a LONG time about this conundrum.. If you buy 'em flowers, some wonder if you have rocks in your head, as it costs more for a bunch of flowers than a couple of dinners out... If you make it chocolates.. they are happy for about a minute, and they think you are trying to sabotage their latest diet program.. You get a heart shaped necklace and you find out that you "should have known by now that I don't like things around my neck", or bracelet, similar story with things that crawl up and down on the arm.. dangling around making her crazy... DINNER OUT.. pretty safe, as you can not only defer on what they eat, but even where you go for it... OF course you can't get in anywhere and have any room to turn around..ON THE DAY... so better to up it a day.


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