Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Everything

I love these heart earrings.  I bought them at the Women's Expo two winters ago. My friend, Caroline, was with me when I got them.  We spent a good amount time walking around the expo looking at all kinds of stuff marketed towards women. When I wear these, I always think of that day.

I found a place in my journal to throw these on while I snapped a pic. I noted a year ago today, we were a week away from going to Hawaii. The year before that, we didn't make any plans for a winter vacation. Not good.
We didn't really plan for a winter vacation this year either but one of my bosses will be gone week after next and I jumped on the opportunity to take a week off.  We're driving to Phoenix. I need a road trip ... badly. I can hardly wait to roll. Oops ... a little writing A.D.D.

Okay, back to "hearting" everything. Yes, I love hearts. Although I'm not a collector of knick knacks, if I had to choose something to collect it would be hearts. And suns ... as in sunshine. Again .... A.D.D. ... sorry.

I have a pair of rhinestone heart earrings that are my most favorite.  Gene thinks they are a little much. While I don't want to be an embarrassment to my hubby, I sometimes just gotta wear them!  One time we went for a Sunday drive and we had stopped at Micky D's to get a good cup of coffee. NOTE: Their food is crap but they do serve an awesome cup of coffee! While we were standing in line, a total stranger came up to me and said, "I LOVE your earrings!!!" Gene may not remember it but I turned around and gave him that look "see!".  You girls will know what I mean, huh!
Wanna see a picture of them? They are the ones in the middle and although they don't photograph well, these babies twinkle like stars when I wear them. They look best whenI'm wearing a black turtleneck. 

Gene doesn't know it yet but we're going out to Finely today for a chili feed/silent auction to benefit a guy who has pancreatic cancer. We don't know him but he's a friend of a friend. I'm looking forward to going. I heart community things like that. I'm hoping to get some good candid photographs and maybe see some friends out that way. I think I'll wear my sparkly hearts today and bring some love to Finley. I'm quite sure I'll be receiving some love too.

The sun is up and I just finished another Zentangle.  Wanna see?  (giggles!)

I heart this new little hobby I've picked up from my friend, Jane. 

Heart everything ....

love, susan


  1. How wonderful you can have a long road trip. I hope we can visit even if for a short time.

  2. I adore jewelry! I have lots of heart earrings, pink ones purchased on a trip to San Francisco, a pair with a bright red bead attached, a pair of silver ones made by a metal jewelry artist that I had the opportunity to take an all day class from....well, I love your earrings and the "stars" one are adorable! I also love, love, love your zentangle!! Keep going, you will get better and better!!!


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