Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Walking Home" by Lynn Schooler

I'm 65 pages into the above-referenced book that my friend Kathy in Juneau sent me over the summer.  Kathy and I like a lot of the same kind of books and every once in a while she'll surprise me with a book that shows up on my doorstep from Amazon.Com.  I haven't seen her in almost 9 years but we stay in touch via e-mail. I think reading the books we send to each other also keeps something shared between us. I think of her when I'm reading the book she has already read and wonder what parts of the book meant the most to her.   Anyway ....

This book is written by a guy who takes a journey across the Alaskan wilderness, traveling by himself, in a small boat across the Gulf of Alaska and then on foot along the wildest coastlines in North America.  At page 54 in this book, it reads "The contrast between the roiling, open sea and the sheltered water inside the bay was breathtaking. Ahead of me lay a sheet of silver mercury so perfectly polished that it reflected the inverted image of the mountains ringing the head of the bay with a precision that might have induced vertigo were it not for the ripples of my own wake, which curved past me and shattered the mirrored surface into sparkling shards as I throttled down." ...  Wow!  I know what this author is talking about!  I've experienced this.

Thank you Kathy, for sending the book, and mostly for knowing that I would really love it.  It is waking up memories that I didn't realize were still there ... and I'm enjoying every one of them.

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