Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Glow

Balloons being filled with hot air
 Tonight we drove out to Prosser, Washington for the annual Prosser Balloon Rally ~ Night Glow.  One word describes it:  AWESOME!  We dined on bbq hamburgers cooked by real cowboys and served by kids from the 4H club. We listened to an awesome steel drum high school band from Tri-Cities while waiting for the sun to go down and the balloons to go up.  It was well worth the wait! The wind was a little troublesome but it died down and all 5 balloons inflated and they turned off the stadium lights.  Music blared and the balloon owners lit 'em up!

Life here is really grand.  People show up for these kinds of events in droves. The Prosser football stadium was packed and everyone was so polite.  We noted that as part of our hamburger meal, they served a red apple.  Where else in America does that happen?

Of course, my favorite balloon is the one with the big pink heart.

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  1. Loved the glow shots you got and the vidio also.


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