Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuff I Really Want "To Do"

Coming to the end of September and this is always a hard time of year for me ~ transitioning from a "full throttle" summer to "it's cold outside, I wanna just curl up in a ball, sleep and eat" mode.

CRICUT ~ I bought a used "Cricut" at the beginning of summer from a friend and I did set it up and ran it once but then it quickly went back into its box as it was summer and I didn't have time for it. I want to set it up and spend hours just playing with that machine! The rain is here and it seems like a good time to get it out. Good thing it didn't get shoved to the back of the closet or I might have forgotten that I have it.  So many things to do ... so little time.

SHOOT ~ Take more photos. A friend I met in a photography class said she carries her point & shoot in her purse and shoots photos everyday. Great idea but I need to clean my purse out first before I place my camera there.  (Note to self: clean out purse on Saturday!)  Can't imagine what kind of photos I can take on an average given day of my life but I'll bet I see the world just slightly different with a camera in hand.

PLAN ROAD TRIP ~ Gene and I went for a long ride last Sunday up past Naches, Washington and we were talking about getting back out on the road for a vacation trip. It's official, I suffer from a bad case of wanderlust.  So, with Justin and Amanda graduating from their graduate programs in May, seems like a perfect time to plan a 2-week road trip. Destination: Yuma, Mexico (briefly), Flagstaff, and South Dakota. I saw some photos on FB taken by a guy who is on a motorcycle trip across the U.S. right now and he was in S.D. ~ I just gotta go there!!

WRITE MORE LETTERS ~ I'm looking through my rolodex and started my letter-writing campaign. I have a really special friend in Yuma who actually writes me back.  I treasure those hand-written letters I get from friends.

READ MORE ~ One of the best things about sitting in front of my Light Box (treatment for seasonal affective disorder) is that I'm forced to either read or write and I like to do a little of both while I'm sitting there. Tomorrow, I will be starting a new book my friend Kathy from Juneau sent me called "Walking Home" by Lynn Schooler.  Can hardly wait to start it!

GET MY PASSPORT STAMPED ~ Not sure where but one day I'm going to get my passport stamped.  My boss is leaving today for a 2-week trip to Italy.  While Italy is definitely someplace I'd like to visit, there are hundreds of places to go.  Maybe we'll figure out where to travel outside the U.S. while we're on the road trip to South Dakota  ... or not.  I love road trips.  Hmmm ... maybe a road trip in another country.

KEEP BLOGGING ~ I've been wanting to blog for years now.  Note to self:  Just do it.

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