Monday, September 13, 2010

Simplicity in Blue

Just got back from a weekend at Cape Lookout. We almost cancelled the trip because the weather report wasn't looking very promising but literally hours before it was time to cancel, Cathy found a little break in the weather and decided to keep the reservations.  Turns out we had probably the most perfect weather anyone can ask for at the coast. There was not a cloud in the sky and the slight breeze kept us from realizing we were getting sunburned. Spent the whole day on the beach from sunrise to sunset with a couple breaks in between to eat camp-style cuisine. Jeremy grilled steaks on the open fire that were totally awesome and we shared everything including veggies to power bars from Trader Joe's (thanks Wynter!). One of Cathy's best friends showed up in the morning with her kids to spend the day with us and it just added to the joy.  Lots of good memories for the kids and it's certainly going down as one of my favorite weekends in my whole life - so far!

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