Thursday, April 23, 2015

Take the Picture! (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

Three years ago, I traveled to Lansing, Michigan to visit my kids. Lansing has a quiet charm that I warmed up to quickly. Could be it's because my kids live there but I found something to like about everything I saw there. We did a bit of walking in those three days.
After dinner one night at a place called Meat, we walked around the corner and there was a wedding reception going on in what looked like an empty storefront. The entire front was window from top to bottom and inside were young people, dressed for a wedding and dancing. My son looked at me and said "NO, mom!"  He knew I would lift my camera to take a pic but I decided to not embarrass him. Now, all I have left is a picture of the getaway car. In my mind, those dancing kids will remain forever young.

So many times, I have not taken the picture because I was too afraid to look like a weirdo. The time we walked by two guys playing cards on the back of a taxi cab in Mexico City ... I should have taken the pic. I walked right past them and almost turned around but didn't. I took a mental snapshot instead.

I'm getting better at not hesitating. Tips from readers have helped.

Have you ever passed up taking a picture? Do images remind you of a place and time? Do you take mental snapshots?

love, susan

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