Monday, April 13, 2015

Keep the Kitties (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

Old version of image
I'm a keeper. In the last 3 years, I have learned to do a little editing on my photos that I've been keeping for a couple of years. This image was taken in 2012 when I was using my little point & shoot and had no editing programs on my computer. I still don't have the big, fancy-dancy Photoshop program but I found an old version of it (Elements) at a thrift store for $5. It has served me well along with a free Google product called Picasa 3.
I'm cheap, I know it. But I'm having fun and would you agree that the updated version of this kitty photo makes it worth keeping?
A little background on this kitty. He/she was in a litter that my friend Tabby found while out in the country one day. She had parked to watch stars or something like that and heard these kittens crying. Someone had dumped them. She picked them up and brought them home. I raced over to take a look and snap photos. If my memory serves me correctly, she found a rescue group to take them and really saved the day!
Moral of this story:  Keep your images, even if you think they are dull and boring. You might learn something later that will you help you brighten them up. And, never pass up the chance to help others, even abandoned kitties.  It will improve your life immensely.
Do you have old digital photos you've spiced up with new programs? Do you have an old photo you wish you could spice up? What program(s) do you use?  Have you ever rescued an animal?
love, susan

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  1. Susan, I love photography. Years ago I upgraded to a digital camera instead of film. Now it's so much easier to get great shots. I have Photoshop but I'm still learning. It can be complicated, there are so many features. I mostly just use the editing programs that come with my computer.


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