Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Secretary's Day (A to Z Blogging Challenge)


I am so behind in this A to Z challenge but I'm not giving up. Just last week someone told me one of our attorneys is entered in a full marathon. I had no idea he was a runner, much less a marathon runner. Another woman in our office, who is older than me, is also a marathon runner. She likes to go to places like Las Vegas to run. She says she does it for the cool medals. Whatever.  Haha! I never was a runner. My point? I'm not giving up on this blogging challenge. Today I bring you the letter S.
I'm a secretary.  Old school, you know. Nowadays we're called Administrative professionals, legal assistants, etc.  As if being called a secretary is a bad thing.  
I'm super proud of my profession. I learned to type when I was in high school.  I've often written about that wonderful teacher, Mrs. Pryse, who taught a small classroom of girls how to make it in this world. Learning to type was the single most important thing I came out of high school knowing. The other things like having phone manners and customer service came from many mentors along the way. But typing? It's a part of my everyday life, even when I'm not being paid for it. My husband loves to hear me typing in the morning while he's still waking up. I love that he loves that about me.
Anyhoo, today I lift my coffee cup to all my friends who are in the business of helping others by typing information, answering phones, sending emails, and just being all-around helpful to their bosses. Last night right before I was leaving the office, I saw an attorney sneak a big pot of beautiful red flowers out to the hallway. My office is planning some kind of thank-you for all the assistants. This will be my 3rd year celebrating Secretary's Day and I can tell you that I know it's going to be fabulous.
It's my day!
Do you have a secretary?  Are you a secretary?  Do you love secretaries?  Be sure to thank them today in your daily dealings.  We love serving you but more than money in the bank, we love to hear your praises.
love, susan


  1. Happy Secretary Day to you! I held part-time secretary jobs while I was going to college years ago. I enjoyed the challenge of the tasks, but I think I was too efficient for the professors. They never had enough for me to do. lol. Yup, typing was one of the best classes I ever took in high school. When I use the ipad keyboard, I have to do 2 fingers. I cannot imagine doing that all the time.
    Take 25 to Hollister
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  2. A very noble profession. Happy Secretary's Day Susan! You deserve all the accolades that are bestowed upon you. Your job is critical to the functioning of the organization and too often people forget to remember that. I'm so glad to hear that your company is going to do something special for you all. You reminded me of my high-school typing class. Fond memories. And so grateful for the skill too. Happy A-Z. You're doing great! Just one more week and it will all be over... I'm tired! :)
    Michele at Angels Bark


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