Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Look and Listen (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

Today I had a date with my very charismatic dermatologist. He is the coolest thing on two legs, a democrat for sure, with super great taste in music. His nurse is a fabulous weekend photographer who lit up when I asked her how her business is going. She has a FB page so I get to see her work when she posts.  I was covering myself with my shirt while she dabbed something on the moles that were to be removed, all the while talking about how her weekend business has grown and how much she loves photography. I get it! Once we moved into the little surgery room, Dr. Wonderful came in, said he liked my khaki pants and asked his nurse to change the music to Dobie Gray's Drift Away. Can I tell you how much the banter helped relieve my fear of having my back cut on? It took 8 minutes, tops.

You know what? I love days like this. My life could not be any better, I'm quite sure. If I take the time to look and listen, I can find the beauty in everything. I saw it today.

Did you .... see the beauty in today?

love, susan


  1. Wow, again. I found the beauty in learning Dobie Gray sang "Drift Away," and in listening to it. It sent me straight to iTunes where I bought it and "Patches." I thought Clarence Carter sang both songs! I don't have much of a music history but I should have known that. Thanks for teaching me something else.

  2. Just listening to Dobie Gray would make the day for me! Your dermatologist sounds fabulous. He single?? :)
    I found beauty today in a spider in the middle of his/her elaborate web. The web was bouncing with the breeze and it just looked so amazing. It was full of wonder. Yesterday I found beauty in the red throat of a hummingbird at the feeder and in a tree frog that was climbing up the outside wall.
    Michele at Angels Bark

  3. I'm glad you had a great day! I try to see the beauty in every day.

    My post for the A to Z Challenge.

  4. It's snowing here. During breakfast, we gazed out the window at the snow-covered valley. "I love that it's snowing," I told my husband. He thought I was nuts. But I am enjoying the cool air, and this area needs the moisture.


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