Saturday, April 4, 2015

Develop (Blogging A to Z Challenge)

I am in the love with the word develop. In fact, I think it should marry the word create and have kids. 
When I signed up for this challenge, I immediately began developing a list of ideas. The problem was that I kept starting lists and throwing it in my purse or I'd have a sheet of paper on my work desk to write down ideas.  I was so excited about writing a post everyday that I could barely sleep for the thoughts rolling around in my head. My ideas are all over the place. 
So ... what if Develop did marry Create? What would their kids look like?  Here are the words that I found on one my lists for this challenge:
Art forms, artist's date, Begin, blog, budget, beach, Cards, calendar, cookie, cake design, cooking, creative juices, Dogs, designs, destination, decoration, Economizing, Fun, free, fiber, festive, friends, food (deviled eggs), Glass, gleen, garbage, Handwriting, hearts, Image, Jacob Norby, K (I got nothing!), Lists, learning, Mind mapping, Not too late, One thousand words, Photography, pictures, photo walks, podcasts, process, Quiet time, Rubber stamping, Sunshine, SuddenlySusan, Themes, U (still, I got nothing), Various, variable, vice, visual, Watercolor pencils, writing, X, Y, Zentangle.
Okay, now you've seen a bit of my crazy side. How do you develop new ideas? Do you love making lists? Do you have lists everywhere? What's on your lists?
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll visit again.

love, susan


  1. Yup, develop and create would have some interesting kids. :)
    My ideas develop through asking 'what if?'
    J.L. Campbell - A-Z Co-Host | The Character Depot

  2. I'm a manic lister but never have pen and paper handy when I have those big ideas in the middle of the night!

    Anne at

  3. I love your idea of develop marrying create. Very clever! Like you, I have little pieces of paper lying all over my house. I should just have one central location, like an idea book -- actually I do have an idea book but it's never in the same room with me when genius strikes! So little pieces of paper and torn napkins dance around my house. I'm definitely a list person.
    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. I had to laugh when I read how you could barely sleep because of ideas. Same here. I don't think I've had a good night's sleep since I decided to do this challenge, but I love having a head full of ideas. And I, too, make lists, then whichever idea has the most momentum behind it, where ideas start to flow from that idea, then I start developing it. I usually make lists with paper and pencil, and have index cards and paper scraps in strategic locations. However, if I want continuity with my list I use Evernote because it syncs between my desktop, laptop, and phone, so I can develop the same list and have it all together.


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