Thursday, July 28, 2011

Old. Man. River.

So.  Today we took the grandkids to the "Playground of Dreams" in Kennewick. The park has a really neat water sprinkler system for kids to run through to keep cool. They definitely needed to stay cool today because it was nearly 90.  I enjoyed sitting in my comfortable lawn chair watching all the happy kids running non-stop.  The day was all about them and it was nice to just let them play for as long as they wanted. I hope we're making some great memories for them.

While there, I watched a caregiver push an old man in a wheelchair and sit him in front of us. His wife was along on the visit.  He was quite frail and probably in his late 80's. He kept looking over at us and I tried to catch his eye but I'm not sure if he was really with us. I couldn't help but smile at the effort to get him out of the house and into the sunlight. I wondered if he was enjoying being there or if it was painful. Painful to be old and confined to a wheelchair. I hope if I live that long, someone will care enough about me to take me out so I can breath fresh air, watch little children playing in the sun and be among the living. 

For lunch we ate fried chicken and watermelon and then decided to go to another park closer to home. The kids played in the wading pool for quite some time and then they were hungry again. I'm exhausted. We have one more day to go.

Every day that goes by, I know I am closer to old than not. I sure am enjoying my waking moments. On a daily basis there are new people to cross paths with that make life interesting. When we got ready to leave, I smiled at the old man and waved goodbye to his wife. She looked exhausted too. 
love, susan

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