Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Heart Summer

Two-man street band ~ Richland, WA
"Music is my religion." ~ Jimi Hendrix

We took a stroll through the Friday Farmer's Market yesterday in Richland. It's a much larger market than the Saturday market in Pasco.  There were far too many people and I had a little anxiety but I just kept moving and got through it. We came home with some beautiful yellow summer squash, a big fat zucchini and a couple of fresh cucumbers. 

There was a two-man street band that caught my attention. They were singing an Eagle's tune and I'm pretty sure I could have sat there for an hour or two and just listened, letting the crowds walk right on by.

Last night, we rode our motorcycles downtown to meet with some friends. On the ride home, we took the river route and drove past a place in the park where they were showing "Smoovies".  This is an outdoor movie screen they move between two parks. They always show a kids' movie right after the sun goes down on Friday nights.  I hope our grand kids will be here for it next week as I've never been to "Smoovies" and it seems like it would be really fun. What a nice family event.

We attended an awesome bbq/pool party today with about 60 other people. It was a great time and I was surprised at how fast the time went by. I didn't go in the pool but I did sit on the edge of it and dip my feet in the water and got to visit with some really outstanding people. 

We're off to Vancouver tomorrow for 3 days. The weather forecast is for sunny skies and perfect temps over there.

Until then ... I hope you are having a peaceful, easy feeling ... wherever you are.

love, susan


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