Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movie Madness

With the temps reaching 91 degrees yesterday, we decided it was a good day to go hit a couple of thrift shops to see what kind of treasures we could find. We found 4 Fireking coffee cups to add to our collection along with a computer book for Gene and a really cool tye-dye t-shirt for me.

The best deal we found was VHS movies 4 for $1!  There weren't many that we haven't already seen so we decided to pick some we haven't watched in a really long time. The beauty of getting older is that you can watch movies you've already seen and it's like you've never seen them before. 

The other item I bought is a foot bath. Probably everyone in the world has had one of these and taken it to the thrift store to get rid of it but I've been wanting one to soak my filthy dirty feet in at night. I've been going barefoot all summer and I'm certain my feet may be permanently dirty. I plugged it in last night outside while sitting  in my lounge chair reading a book and soaking up some sun.  What a life of leisure I've been living! 

So here are the movies we got, have you ever seen any of these?

Grease (Oh, I can hardly wait to plug it in!)
Good Will Hunting (I love Matt Damon in this)
The Sixth Sense (Gene has never seen this one ... so shhh ... don't give away the ending)
The Thomas Crown Affair (Pierce Brosnan is so good  hot in this film)
Contact (I love this sci-fi)
Along Came a Spider (great thriller)
The Mask of Zorro (Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones are great in this film)
Somewhere in Time (awesome romance movie ... I miss Christopher Reeves, don't you?)
Far and Away (Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman ... what can I say?)
Scam (starring Christopher Walken and the chick who was the psychiatrist in "The Sopranos")

While we were at the Goodwill store in Richland, Gene found some Fireking cups that had no handles on them. He wasn't sure if he should get them, so he left them on the shelf and went looking for me in another part of the store. They were gone when we went back to find them. While at the checkout counter, a lady had picked them up to buy and she was telling the clerk that they were used on Navy ships way back in the day. The reason they had no handles is that it was far more convenient to store them on the racks.  Phooey. Sure wish we had those in our shopping cart.  You snooze, you lose when it comes to thrift shopping.

Okay, well, daylight is burning and I've got some movies to watch! Hope you have the most awesome day ever!

love, susan 


  1. Sniff, sniff... I miss Christopher Reeves too. I haven't seen Somewhere in Time for a very long time. There were a couple movies on your list that I've never seen: Good Will Hunting, The Thomas Crown Affair, Along Came a Spider, and Scam. I'll keep my eyes open for those.

    Sorry about losing out on the Fireking cups. I recently saw some used in a movie and it took me down memory lane.

  2. I remember going barefoot all summer in Iowa and my brothers and I would walk across the street after the guys came by and laid new gavel mixed with tar! We would then have to sit on the edge of the tub and scrub our feet, but it wouldn't all come off for days though. but we loved the squishy feel of the tar between our toes. kids....

  3. I love almost all of that movies, and I LOVE Grease soundtrack! :)


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