Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm a Dog Magnet

Meet "Mya". She lives down the street from us. Her person is on vacation. I met Mya  for the first time early this morning as she was standing out in the street barking. I called her and she came right to me. The number on her tag came up as a South Dakota number and her owner said he's on vacation and she must have jumped the fence. He said he'd call his pet sitter and find out what the heck is going on. When he called back, he said he couldn't reach the sitter so I offered to let Mya stay the day with us since she is having such a good time and "Missy" adores her.

I don't care if her owner ever comes back. She belongs here where the fence is too tall to jump and she has a playmate.

I love, love, LOVE border collies! This is the second border collie I've found roaming the streets. Before I started this blog, I wrote a "note" on FB about a border collie we found roaming the streets one night downtown while we were at a concert. It was a weird reunion with his peeps as he had been stolen from them two years previous to us finding him. Border collies don't sit still very well.  I don't imagine Mya will be with us longer than today but if her owner never came back, she'd be mine.  I'll leave you with a few pics I shot this morning.

Don't you just love dogs?

love, susan


  1. From the look of things, Mya wouldn't mind staying. :D I like felines and canines. Felines are easier to take care of. ;)

    Nice post Susan. Makes me want to romp and roll in the grass with the dawgs.

  2. I have a feeling border collies are home wherever they are. She came right in my house and followed me all over the place and took a nap while I was blogging. I just texted her owner and he is sending her to Idaho to live on a big ranch with another border collie. She'll be bred when she's old enough and there will be puppies. I'd rather have her ... and that's just what I'll tell her peeps when they call with the announcement of puppies!

  3. Mya is lucky to find you and Missy. She's having her own vacation fun!

  4. Mya and Missy were quite a pair, taking turns being the alpha and then the submissive one.. They had that game going for a good part of the day. As she had to go back home, at least they both had a good bit of exercise out of the deal, which Missy sorely needed, plus some time with another animal besides us humans or that always dominant Orange Cat of ours... Mr. Kitty. It was a treat having Mya {perhaps Maya??} for as long as we did. One really nice dog.

  5. Our Raven is half border collie. I see her eyes in Mya's eyes. They look right through you and when they get fixated on something, good luck trying to break their attention span!

    I fell in love with a border collie a few years ago when we were traveling through Anchor Point. She belonged to the salmon counter working at the weir down there. He played frisbee with her for nearly and hour and I just thought that was the coolest thing! Now I get to relive it with my girl. :)

    I hope she gets to stay with you a while.


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