Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Lamest Blog Post Ever

I have been dying to share some new found knowledge I picked up when we were camping a couple of weeks ago. I feel like such a dumb blonde but I have to share this in case there is just one other person out there who doesn't know this.

Did you know there is a little window on those fire starters that shows how much fuel is left in it?  See the little "window" in the handle?  Well, I did not know that until the electrician I sleep with pointed it out to me.  We've had this fire starter for quite a few years now and for some reason it was not firing up every time we hit the button.  This caused a little panic as we were getting ready to cook dinner on the cook stove, miles from any decent restaurant. I didn't have any extra "fire" with me so if it had not worked, there may have been chaos. Anybody who knows me, knows that when I'm ready to eat, there is a short window of time before I turn into a Tasmanian devil if not fed. Hypoglycemia is no joke, people! The symptom I am (and my poor husband) most familiar with is irritability (possible aggression). In other words, I'm a hungry bear.

I imagine there are lots of little things like this that I have no knowledge of ... yet.  So, here's another one that I'll bet makes you get up and go to your car to check out.

Did you know the little picture of a gas pump on your gas gauge in your car indicates what side of the car your tank is on?  I didn't know that until I read it in a very informational and silly email someone sent me last year. 

Now to some of you, this may not matter. But, we've had four cars in 10 years and the gas tanks are never on the same side.  This information is also useful if you happen to rent a car. This is particularly helpful when you pull into a gas station that only allows you to pull through in one direction.  This can be total chaos if your tank is on the wrong side, know what I mean? I want to hear from you if you ran out to your car and looked at your gas gauge! 
Okay. I'm so glad I got this information out of my head and onto the screen. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had similar "aha" moments! Or, am I the only one who didn't know these things?

love, susan 


  1. I finally figured these two exact things out, but only within the last few years. Crazy huh? I can totally empathize.

  2. Unfortunately, my car doesn't have the little gas tank do-hickey. I've owned my car for four years and only recently started remembering that it's on Justin's side of the car (yes, that's how I identify the passenger seat). Makes sense though, since he's the one that fills up the car!

  3. @ Amanda ~ I'm surprised your car does not have that little icon. I just assumed all cars have it. INTERESTING!

  4. So nooooowwwww you tell me this! I rented a car last weekend and when I pulled into the gas station I realized I had no idea which side the tank was on! Now I'm wondering if the information was right there under my nose.

    And for another little tidbit... I learned this a couple years ago... the ends of the aluminum foil boxes and plastic wrap boxes have little tabs to push in to keep the roll in place while tearing off a sheet. I always struggled with the entire roll trying to exit the box before I learned about the little tabs!

  5. Update: I rented a car again over the past weekend and this time (thanks to your post) when I pulled into the gas station, I knew to look at the icon on the gas gauge to see what side the tank was on. Sure enough, there was even a little arrow pointing. Thank you Susan!! :)

  6. Oh, that's awesome! I'm glad my "lame" tip was useful!!


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