Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Glancing at the Map

I was reading one of my favorite blog My Healthy Eating Challenge posts today and I decided to copy her idea for my post today.  I have lived in five states plus visited quite a few but not all fifty.  I decided to try to just think of a few words that best describe my experience of those states I've lived in or visited.  If you are reading this, I invite you to copy this idea and let me know where I can read your post!

Alaska: cold but beautiful ~ I miss the clean air ~ lived there a good share of my life
California: I was born there ~ it's groovy, not like anyplace else, expensive
Washington: green and gorgeous ~ home to me now
Arizona:  lived there ~ sunny desert ~ I love the food there
Oregon: lived there ~ rainy & earth friendly ~ best strawberries and blackberries
Idaho: beautiful ~ who doesn't love potatoes?
Nevada: vast and dry ~ I love driving across the great basin
Utah: is my very favorite state!
Montana: lonely and beautiful ... big trees
Wyoming: boring ~ I hope I never have to drive through it again
Colorado: rugged
New Mexico: warm
Kansas: boring ~ corn fields as far as you can see ~ people are extra friendly there
Oklahoma: big storms
Texas: huge and kind of geographically boring
Missouri: humid ~ they have wonderful history there ~ loved visiting the Amish community
Ohio: I have no opinion on Ohio
West Virginia: friendly people ~ it is much more beautiful than I thought it would be
Kentucky: horses, green pastures
Tennessee: hot and humid
Louisiana: bugs, lots of bugs

Where have you been? What's your favorite state?

love, susan



  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the states where you've lived or visited. I used to think Nebraska and Wyoming were boring to drive through... until I drove across Kansas. :)

  2. I love this! I may have to do the same. :)

  3. You left out Alabama, Mississippi, illinois, Indiana, and just a bit of the southwest corner of Nebraska... I know that for sure, as I was with you on that trip. Different country, but British Columbia, Yukon, and part of western Alberta.

  4. Oh and yeah, I forgot about Hawaii! Who can forget Hawaii???


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