Thursday, September 27, 2012

Phone a Friend

I made a decision last week to text less and talk more. Much easier said than done. It was the result of a ridicuously over-scheduled social calendar that took on a life of its own. I noticed I had my cell phone in hand every moment and kept checking for updates on the happenings. Whatever happened to living in the moment?  So, in an effort to re-group, I texted a couple of my very best peeps on Saturday morning and simply said I was going to be turning my phone to silent for the day and burying it deep into my purse.  I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by receiving texts and not returning them.
This action led to me to think about how our lives have changed so much with modern technology. I have been a resister of it all but eventually got on board because I didn't want to be left behind. Texting is just the latest technology that I adopted about a year ago that has me talking practically to no one. 
I have a friend who actually takes her calls whenever she can. She texted me Monday morning and asked if I was okay. I typed out a long text explaining my reason for silencing my phone but when the text wouldn't send (because I'm in a dark hole at work) I decided to call her on my 10 o'clock break. I had a lovely 10-minute conversation with her.
I will admit that sometimes often times texting is a great way to relay information that doesn't really require a voice. The problem, for me, is that I have actually opted for texting over a real conversation far too many times. What could be any more important than talking with a friend or family member on the phone?
About a month or two ago, I deactivated my FB account. I know I'm missing out on some things by not having it open 24-7 but there were two reasons I dropped out. First, and once again (I've deactivated one time before for the very same reason) I was spending far too much time sitting in front of FB, scrolling up and down the screen looking for something meaningful. I have no will power when it comes to FB.  Second reason: the elections. Need I say more?
I keep telling my friends and family that I'm going to reactivate FB after the elections but don't hold your breath. Just like with texting, I long for those nice conversations that I just don't get when I'm "plugged in".
Call me old fashioned but please, just call me.
love, susan


  1. I enjoyed reading your post so much ! I do not have a facebook account. And friends keep asking me "why?",and I say "why not?" :)) Yes,technology does takes us away from simple pleasures and from "living in the moment". You know, after cutting down on social visits and calls, I got so much more out of life...there were friends who would call only to tell their sob stories without caring that I too have a life and issues...So, I cut down on certain calls...It was hard at first, but after 2-3 years, I feel that I am in a more positive mindset and grateful to life more than ever before.
    I do long for friendships and good company but not at the cost of mindless conversations and meaningless relationships. It is hard to say "no" to friends but then maybe we can limit our activities and choose whom we want to talk to and what we want to see/read in the internet more often. And this "choice" liberates us ! It also helps us to know and develop ourselves better instead of being swayed away by outside forces!
    have a nice day !

  2. We thought about you today. We did what we were told to do and headed out to Bonnie's for a burger. We had the same quirky waitress from when you were here and missed you. =/

    I get it about needing to disentangle from all of the technology. Sometimes, when I need to think, I turn my phone to vibrate and put it in the other room. It might be only for an hour or two, but it's amazing what I can accomplish when I'm not checking my leash.

    BTW, I still don't miss FB. You might go back after the election, but I don't think I will.

    1. Oh, I'll never forget that quirky waitress! I think she said her name is Nicole. I wish we had a place like Bonnie's here!

      It is highly likely I won't be going back to FB even after the elections. I honestly don't miss a thing about it.


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