Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Through a Lense

The sun was a beautiful orange this morning. I've been carrying my camera with me a lot lately and happened to have it at work so I was able to capture it. While this is not a stunning photo, I love how perfectly round the sun is.
My husband drove over and had lunch with me out at the picnic tables where I work. We took a walk on the grounds to discover a beautiful water fountain and pond. I've been working there for a year now and had no idea this pond existed. I gotta get out more often.

And look what I found ...

While there was a lot of really yucky rotting stuff in this pond, I was cheered up by the beautiful lilies. It's hard to see but I also captured a blue dragonfly in the above pic. There were trout in this pond and I'm sure if I sat for very long I'd see a frog or two.
must carry my camera more often!
What do you think you'd see if you took your camera with you everywhere?
love, susan


  1. Your photography is so wonderful ! The lilies are so beautiful,keep clicking...

    1. Thank you! I love it when I have new discoveries.


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