Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lovin' September

We got out for a couple of rides this weekend. Yesterday's ride was really nothing to write about but it was 190 miles. Gene went on a long ride Sunday with friends, which I now regret not going on. Sometimes I just don't want to go and it has been my experience that it's best to listen to my gut feeling. Still .... I got to listen to how much fun it was and that I really missed the best ride of the summer.  Go figure.
We hit the road yesterday morning with a lunch box full of healthy snacks, a frozen bottle of Powerade and water with no set plans on where to go except north. We ended up near Ellensburg and with the increased holiday traffic, decided to turn around and ride home through Royal City. In an effort to find something interesting, we turned off to follow a sign that said "Wildlife Viewing" and followed it for about 8 miles. While it was a beautiful side-trip, there never was another sign and if you can call a rogue cattle dog viciously chasing a motorcycle "wildlife", it's the only proof we saw. We did see an interesting sign for the "Cattleman of the Year" hung up on someone's ranch. If that rancher had been standing out there, we surely would have stopped to talk with him/her.
I get to go back to work this morning. I'm glad I got out to ride yesterday. Although the thought of riding in holiday traffic was heavy on my mind, the thought of sitting at my desk today and wishing I was riding overpowered bad traffic and I'm glad it did. It looks to be another beautiful pre-fall day out there. Luckily, it's only 3 days until I can get back outdoors.

What'd you do on your holiday weekend?

love, susan


  1. On the Water...Sat and Mon we had fish on the boat..yaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. We went to California for our son's wedding, and then celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.


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