Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Late Saturday Upside

With the help of someone near and dear to me, I learned how to make a collage in Picasa.   I made this collage several days ago but couldn't figure out where to find it after I saved it.  Today I was looking for an old photo and discovered that Picasa makes a special folder where it stores photos that are specifically made into collages.  Who knew?

So, the reason I was looking for a photo was that I happened onto a blog called Recipes Happen. She started a series called Saturday Upsides, inviting people to share a positive blog post on Saturdays. I'm a day late but I wanted to get in on the action, so I hope she'll forgive me for the late entry this time
I'm looking forward to having other Saturday "upside" blog posts I can contribute and to reading what others come up with. What a great idea!  In the meantime, I'm going to check out her blog for some fun new recipes.
A little about my collage photo ... I was in Lansing, Michigan recently and found the architecture of the buildings to be amazing. While there I visited the Oldmobile Museum, the capitol building and walked through Old Town via the river walk.
love, susan


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