Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Midnight Cheddar Cheese

"Time spent with cats is
never wasted."  ~ unknown ~
First, I did not get a cat. But if I was going to, it would have been this one.  He was found last weekend along with two siblings out on a country road in the middle of freakin' nowhere.  A good, dog-loving friend of mine was out for a ride on Friday night, looking for a place to take a photo shot of the full moon and couldn't believe her ears when she heard kitties.  How is it possible that of all the places to be, that 3 kittens would be where she stopped? Some questions don't have answers.  
All I know is that she did what I would have done; got down on hands and knees (in her jammies, I might add), in the dark and rounded 'em up. Don't tell me you would have left them there. But somebody obviously did. There were no houses within miles.
Gene and I went over to see them the next day. Luckily, my friend has friends in the animal business and a local cat lady agreed to take them. I don't have any doubt they'll be placed. Friendly cats have a way of weaseling their way into one's heart. Dogs do it to me all the time. Weasels. I'd have a house-full if I could. Cats, not so much. However, I have to say, this one wouldn't have taken up much space. And cats are sure a lot lower maintenance than the lowest of the low-maintenance dog. Score one for cats. 
This is one of the siblings.  There was also a Calico but I couldn't get a decent photo of him. The cali was the least social but he was a beauty.
This little one laid on his back in Gene's arm and seemed quite content to be there. My husband is a cat whisperer. Really, he is! Since my friend found them around midnight, I temporarily named this one "Midnight". It's bad when you name them. Know what I mean?
The kitty above got a one-day name of "Cheddar Cheese".  I love cat names. They always have meaning. Unlike dog names.
So.  What would you do? Would you have left those kitties out there in the middle of nowhere to become coyote food? 
love, susan


  1. And now you know why I can't volunteer at the humane society. I'm already a cat-lady at heart and it would take more will power than I have to resist taking every kitty home.

    Just a random thought, those kittens could have had a feral cat for a mom. When I was a kid in South Carolina, there was a cat on my aunt's property that would hide her kittens in the brush to protect them from other animals. Either way, I'm sure these guys are going to go to a good home.


  2. I'm glad it wasn't me that found them or we would have 3 new members of our household. I would bet these kittens are not feral or they would not have welcomed human attention. I've seen feral kittens before and they are......well, wild. I think Cheese Poof would a have been a good name for orange kitty above too! They are so sweet. I hope there is a special place in hell for people that would do that. Why in the world, with all the shelters around the country, can people be so heartless??? Great post Susan. I was so excited when I saw that picture and thought you got a new baby!

  3. Oh my, your post started out by breaking my heart, but at the same time it has now given me faith that there are more good people out there than bad, such as your friend, you, and Gene...bless all your hearts for helping out those helpless, precious kitties!!


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