Tuesday, January 1, 2013

These Boots

I love the idea of buying stuff used. There was a time when I used to turn my nose up to buying other people's stuff, mostly clothing. I had a "rule" to absolutely never buy used shoes or boots. But then one day I realized that this was my mother's rule, not mine. Funny how other people's way of thinking can have such a profound effect on us. I just now wonder what kind of "thinking" I imparted on my son that might weight him down from doing or thinking something he might otherwise do or think. Mom always said that buying used shoes would be bad for my feet. Yeah, I can understand that if the shoes in question were worn a lot. But what about those shoes and boots that a nice woman bought and got home with and decided she just didn't love. I have those shoes. You know what I'm talking about. They were such a good deal and I can wear them next summer with my jeans. And then ... they just don't feel good after a few minutes. And yet there they sit, on the shoe rack, hoping to be picked the next time I wear those jeans. They may sit on the rack for 2 or 3 seasons but a voice in the back of my head says, "Susan, you're never gonna wear those horrible shoes."
I have to admit that I've hung onto those kinds of shoes for far longer than I should.  Right at the moment, I'm thinking of a brand new pair of heels I just had to have, sitting in the box they came home in, taking up useful space. My thinking is that surely I have a friend who would treasure them. The truth is, I probably don't have a friend whose feet would slip into the shoes like Cinderella. The shoes need to go.
I recently attended an estate sale at a house where the woman had 7 closets chuck-full of clothes. Her husband, they told me, was a local university professor. I could tell by their dinnerware and variety of wine glasses that they entertained a lot. Her clothes closets were filled with everything from casual summer wear to blingy dresses to business attire. And there were shoes and boots. I never fancied myself as much of a boot girl but over the last 3 or 4 years I've acquired quite a few pair. I like the short boots. I don't really have the figure anymore to wear tall boots with tight jeans tucked in. I never did wear them like that but I'm here to tell you that if I could do my life over, I'd wear skinny jeans and tall boots every single day of the week. 
So, I'm at this estate sale and I'm sitting on the floor trying on some short boots. There were boxes upon boxes of them. I found a pair that fit as if they were made just for me. Of course, there were two pair of the same boots, a pair in black and a pair in brown. Which to buy? Here's where those old voices come back. "Why do you need 2 pair? What if you get home and you hate them later on ... then you've got 2 pair taking up space?", etc.  Turns out, I bought the brown pair and I have regretted, almost every time I've put them on, not buying the black pair. I tell myself that some other chica is out there enjoying those black boots as much as I would have. And, I think about the woman who once bought these boots for herself. Did she love them as much as I do? Were they practically brand new when I found them because she had so many other boots to choose from or did she hate these boots but never quite got around to giving them away to a friend or the thrift store. 
love, susan


  1. Dear friend, Wishing you a Happy New Year ! Looking forward to writing to you in more details later.
    Till then, take care and enjoy the day !

  2. Those boots were made for walkin' and talkin' about. I enjoyed reading. It brought to mind my favorite and only pair of half boots I fell in love with. They were cowgirl boots . . . Or more like cowgirl clogs. They were the best shoes I owned before I discovered my new favorites. You evoke such memorable memories of yesteryears. I cannot wear used clothing though. It's been a problem since I was a kid. Most used items give off vibes that creep me out, but I like to clean out my closet before I buy new seasonal clothing. I wonder if anyone ever feels my vibes. :)

    1. I must admit that sometimes I get home with used clothing and after washing it, I will put it back in the goodwill box I keep nearby due to a funky smell that won't wash out. There are three things I like about buying used: 1) lessening my carbon footprint, 2) price, 3) I have no problem putting the item back to goodwill or in the garbage if I stain it or wear it out. I also like buying used jeans because they have usually been washed a gazillion times and what you see is what you get. It pains me to pay top dollars for new jeans and then have them fit badly.

      Limner, I know you'll get it when I tell you that sometimes when I see a a single lost glove on the sidewalk, I wonder ... what kind of life has that glove had? I wonder if it was somebody's favorite glove? Where has that glove been? I wonder if I leave it there, will the person who lost it come back and find it? Mercy!!!


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