Sunday, January 27, 2013

January in Color

What a beauty!
We ventured out to chase the sun today. Turns out it was sunny all day long at home but that's okay. If we had stayed home, I would have missed this eagle sighting.

It's always interesting when we get ready to leave on a day trip. This morning, I took a trip to the grocery store very early and noted the crisp, blue skies. When I got home all I had to do was mention "let's g..." and he was Ready-Freddy. With no idea which way we would travel, I heated up the thermos, got the coffee brewing and made a couple of lettuce turkey wraps for lunch.

Looks a little like an upside down pineapple, me thinks.
Can you spot the eagle?
We decided to drive down the gorge. At first it felt like a big mistake. As we got closer to the river, the fog was laying low. But we pushed through it and enjoyed sunny weather all the way to The Dalles.

On the drive down the gorge, we spotted the usual long horned mountain sheep/goats (I can never remember which they are). Unfortunately, they hang out where there are no places to stop so I'll never get a picture of them.

Everything is closed on Sundays in The Dalles except for our favorite Thai place. Since I packed a nice lunch, we decided we should pass on the spring rolls. Luckily, we really liked the lettuce wraps I made or I would be kicking myself for passing up an offer for Thai.

When we pulled up to this park (pictured here) to eat lunch, I spotted the eagle in the tree and got close enough for a fair shot considering I have a little point & shoot. He didn't sit still long enough for me to get a better shot.

It has been a most excellent day. The blue sky certainly kicked it up a lot of knotches!

love, susan

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