Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cheaper by the Dozen

Today was a stellar day.  Yesterday was gloomy and gray. We got out of the house about 3 in the afternoon and decided to go fill the car up with gas, just for something to do. We thought about going to a movie but quite frankly we just bought a new 40" tv in November and after he hooked it up to the stereo, it's going to be harder and harder to pay $15 to sit with strangers to watch a movie.
The hubby and I are still in the stone ages as we have a working VHS hooked up to the tv along with the DVD player. So we hit the Goodwill store near our place as they are now practically paying their customers to take the VHS tapes away. 5 for $.99!!  We came home with 10 movies. Some of them we've seen, others we have not, and maybe one or two we simply just can't remember.
I plugged in "Phenomenon" last night. I knew my husband would love it. He's kind of a sucker for sappy stories, and I was right. He loved it. I loved watching it again for about the umpteenth time. John Travolta is never sweeter than he was in this flick. If you've never seen it, you should.
Then we decided to stay awake for "Basic Instinct".  I couldn't believe my hubby had never seen it. How can that be? It's naughty and fast moving. I love the character Sharon Stone plays. And how about the big, round cop who played a part in Jurrasic Park? He's so weird!
We didn't get to plug any tapes in today but perhaps "Cheaper by the Dozen" will be a nice Sunday evening watch. Neither one of us has seen it so that will be a treat! Besides, there's nothing on TV worth watching.
Seen any good flicks lately?  Do you have any old favorites?

love, susan
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  1. I love the old version of "Cheaper by the Dozen" with Myrna Loy. Or even better is "Yours, Mine and Ours" with Lucille Ball. Lucy is always worth staying up for. :)


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