Thursday, January 10, 2013

She Says I'm Fat

Abbie and I attended our first dog training class together last night. It's hard for me to know if she has had any training in the past, as she is a recently re-homed dog, but I highly suspect it. She knows how to sit, come, and sometimes down. And she really knows how to bark. Drives us crazy.
So, my trainer lady, whose tutelage we have been under before, says to me "She's too fat."  I knew she was gonna say it before I entered the room. I should have laid down a $5 bet with my husband.
Truth is ... she is too fat.
She was too thin when she came home with us in July. She had just dropped a litter of puppies and was under nourished. We was makin' up for lost meals! My trainer advised to cut her food down to 1/2 cup morning and night. I slept on it and this morning I did just that. I realize that it doesn't matter how much food we give these dogs, they look at us like we're starving them. So what? Having them be overweight is killing them.  Killing them physically and really, if you think about it, mentally.  Wait a minute!  That's how I feel. A correlation?  I think so. Perhaps I should cut my meals in half. That's not bad advice.
I better start walking the dogs more too .... they need it.


  1. It's almost harder to put them on diets than it is me! Especially my cat, I can't deny him anything!! And he looks sooooooooooo sad when his food bowl is empty!!

    1. Well, one day down and they seem to be okay with 1/2 cup morn and night. They really don't look at me any differently. They are bad beggars. If it were up to me, I'd kennel them while we eat but my husband thinks I'm cruel. LOL!

  2. You know that we ration our fur babies, but we finally compromised. Now, they get a 1/2 cup to split for breakfast, 1st dinner, and 2nd dinner. We increased the number of meals that they get and SmithLand is once again a peaceful place. Thankfully, Cali has taken to being more active since I moved the cat tree away from the window, so the extra meals aren't showing yet. :)


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