Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finding Joy

Last night I looked out the office window before I left work and the sky looked like it was on fire with the most beautiful red sunset. I headed to the bus stop and tried to catch a photo of it but the little camera I bought for my hubby is not really a great camera for anything but daytime pics.  No matter.
I got on the bus and thought it was going to be a lonely ride home but when the other buses arrived I realized I couldn't have been more wrong. My bus filled almost to capacity with the most interesting, lovely people.
Last to get on was an old man who had two small dog kennels to hike up the two stairs onto the bus. Inside the kennels were a mom and dad dog along with three chihuahua/pom mix puppies. I didn't know one could bring animals on the bus and I held my breath, thinking the bus driver was going to have a hissy fit, but he didn't. Love that!
The old man took one of the puppies out and let a young boy hold it for a few minutes before he tucked the baby dog back inside the container. This action then caused a wonderful exchange of dog and cat stories between several people (I just listened) which got us all the way to the transit center where the old man struggled to get himself and the two kennels back down the stairs off the bus.
All the while that conversation was going on, I noticed a teenage couple snuggled up together on the aisle across from me. Nothing unusual about that except he had the most beautiful, natural carrot red hair and she had a nice crop of dyed turquoise hair. You should have seen it!  I secretly wondered if their hair color was part of their attraction to each other? They were just so sweet!
I had a really busy day at work yesterday and it was a super nice surprise to get on the bus and witness such kindness among strangers.

love, susan

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