Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hawk Eye

Gene asked me to snap a pic of the paper mill. It's Boise Cascade. I think it's disgusting and fowl smelling. It ruins what would otherwise be really beautiful real estate. I guess the mills have to be somewhere. On the upside, I found the steam coming off the chimneys fascinating.We took a road trip to Walla Walla today just to get out of the house. Even though we've been to the aviary park a dozen times, it's fun to stop by and say hello to the birds and squirrels. Today there were a couple of different exotic birds that I could spot from way across the parking lot. Can you believe this yellow?
When I got home, I was thinking how in the world do exotic birds survive the cold winters here? They do have nice bird conduminiums but still!

When we stopped at the aviary park, the ducks started quacking and heading towards us. I don't know what spooked them but this group right here took flight right over my head.  I closed my eyes and hoped I wouldn't get splatted. I didn't.
I will leave you with the rest of my favorite pics from today.
Can I just tell you that I was thrilled beyond thrilled to find a hawk that would sit still long enough to get a photo? I am intrigued by hawks. They are eating good right now because all of the many we saw today were really plump.

The squirrels are eatin' good too. They came right up to us and I eventually went back to the car and got an oatmeal cookie to share with them.
All in all, it has been a super good day.
Hope yours was too!

love, susan

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  1. Love!! :-D Thank you for sharing!


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