Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random Super Saturday Thoughts

You know who should have a super bowl?
^ This squirrel ^
So, who's playing tomorrow anyway? I need to know. Just kidding. I really don't care. We'll be sitting at home alllllll day tomorrow while my hubby preps for a colonoscopy on Monday. I can't remember the last time I watched a football game.  We're not fans.  However, that new 40" HD tv just might bring the sexy back in football for me.  But probably not. Oh how I wish Madonna was doing half-time this year. The only part of the game I watched last year wasn't even the game. I turned on our old tube as Madonna took center stage. She was so awesome even on that crappy box ... I can't imagine what it would be like on this new one!  Perhaps Beyonce will bring it. I don't even know what Beyonce sings. How sad is that?
So, while the rest of the country is tuning in and sitting back with a big bowl of super bowl chili, I'll be encouraging my guy to drink another glass of yummy liquid laxative and try to watch the game. There's always the great commercials, right? 
By the way, what does Beyonce sing?
love, susan


  1. We are going to bingo. after 11 years Jim is finally going to go with me..yaaaaaaaa is hope not much but hope

  2. I don't watch football or the Superbowl, so I don't know which teams are playing, let alone who will perform at half-time. I used to record the Superbowl and fast forward to all the funny commercials, but I don't do that any more since I can access them easier through the Internet.

    Good luck to your husband. Wish there was a better way to prep than drinking a jug of "GoLytely." *shudder*

  3. "All the women who're independent, throw your hands up at me. All the honeys makin' money, throw your hands up at me." Beyonce'
    :-D Go Ravens!! Booo 49ers;)
    Give Gene my best:) Love~ Cheryl

    1. ... all the single ladies ... "if you like it you should put a ring on it" ... oh yeah ... that's the only Beyonce song I've ever heard.

      Good game, wasn't it!!! If I had to be stuck home watching a game, I'm glad it was this one. The 49's gave it a good go!!


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