Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Results

The Tri City Digital Photograhy Club hosted a photo scavenger hunt this morning at Howard Amon Park near our house. I met a friend there and this is the result of my scavenger hunt. The items we had to scavenge for were: an acorn, red leaf, yellow leaf, green leaf in the water, object shaped like a letter, object shaped as a number, photo showing texture, repeating pattern, action shot, squirrel, bird, dog, duck, geese, having fun, a crack in the sidewalk, autumn scene, fishing (fisherman/woman or child), pinecone, something round, square and triangle. We had one hour to find all these listed items. The only thing I couldn't find was a goose.
Squirrel eating acorn
It was really neat to meet some new people with similar interests in photo shooting and it didn't start raining until we were finished.  I hope I can fit the best pics on here for memory's sake.  I'm still having a little trouble manipulating my photos in this blog. I'm not sure how many it will actually hold on the page. 

So, there was this group of scuba divers putting their gear on and I got a pic of one of them. Guess what? They were taking pumpkins to the bottom of the river and carving them underwater! I didn't stay to see the results but my friend told me they do it every year. How crazy fun is that?

At the end of one hour, we met where we started and the leader gave us a little goodie bag of treats.  The real treat was when I got home and uploaded the fun pics. 

I'm so glad my friend, Linda, invited me to join this photo club. I learn something new every time I'm out with my camera and I get great ideas from other photographers.
Can you guess which photo fit it's category? 


  1. Great job Susan!! That sounds like a fun little exercise!

  2. How fun! Someday I'm going to take a photography class again....took one in high school and loved it, but don't remember much.


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