Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Day

"New day, mom."  That's what my son used to say to me on a regular basis as we took long walks in the early morning while living in Yuma, Arizona.  I love it that he gave that to me.  That's how I'm feeling this morning.  New day.  Yesterday started out not so great but it got better. I'd been dragging around some stuff that was really eating my lunch and after talking it out I'm feeling much better this morning. 


This photo was taken in Las Vegas when Justin and Amanda went there with some friends on a break from school in 2008. I love it that he has an extremely fun side to him. I can hardly wait to see his handsome face & Amanda's beautiful face for Thanksgiving.  If you're reading this son, I heart you!  Thank you for being you!


  1. Great light hearted pic of Justin.. yup glad that with all the rigors of school that he is maintaining and nurturing a light heart.


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