Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Much To Do About Nothing

The weather is changing here this week. We have had crazy wind for 24 hours now and it brought in some chilling cold weather. I had to turn the heat on last night ... that's how I know. Gene said the mid-west is getting ready for a huge storm. He watches the weather channel ... a lot.

I drove to the park yesterday on my lunch hour just to get out of the office and found these fatties down by the river. If winter is coming, I wonder why they are still here? Maybe they stay all winter and I just don't know it. I don't usually leave my office when the weather gets worse. I secretly wish we could just skip the lunch hour and leave work an hour early but my co-workers would beat me to death with a stack a papers if I said that outloud.  Well, they'd probably give me a dirty look at the very least. (giggles!)

My friend at work has a niece who is living in France this year, going to high school and learning the language. She writes on her blog that the schools in France go on strike every once in awhile. The most we can hope for here is the electricity will go out for a couple of hours. "Ladies, get out your flashlights ... you can still file".  (laughing out loud ... this has never happened, but I'm imagining it could today with this fierce wind)

Today I'm going to go visit my hair stylist, Melissa, to get a trim. Hairdressers. She's a sweet, young person. I had a dilemma last year because I have another hair stylist, Misty, in the same salon and one day she was deathly sick and asked Melissa to cut my hair when I came in. Big mistake. I really liked Melissa's work but I'm loyal and I was torn about going back to Misty. I told Melissa about it and she suggested that I alternate. Now, how sweet is that? No "cut throat", bitchy, hair stylists in this salon! Last time I was in, Melissa told me Misty was moving to Seattle. I felt a sigh of relief. But when I called yesterday to make an appointment, Misty's name is still on the voice mail directory.  Maybe Misty didn't move to Seattle like she was supposed to. I wouldn't blame her, it rains far too much there. (giggles)

I titled this blog correctly, didn't I?

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