Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Free Lunch Today

Oh rat finks.  I got a 92% on my test this morning for the online class I'm taking.  I had a plan and it worked, mostly.  I answered all the questions I was sure I knew the answers to and then I wrote down the numbers of the ones I needed to open my book for.  I only had 4 that I had to look up. I feel confident I answered those correctly.  Then, I went back over the 25 questions and it was the very first question that mucked me up, I'm certain.  Of course, I'll never know because this crazy online class test doesn't tell you which one you missed.  Where is the learning in that, I'm left wondering.

My friend, Becky, promises to buy me lunch with a test score of 100%.  Who doesn't love a free lunch?  But more than that, I love the challenge.  I sat on that first question for the last 5 minutes of the timed thirty-minute test.  I've always heard that you should go with your first answer but then I questioned myself. I scoured the book to find an answer but there was nothing clear cut.  Common sense should have kicked in but instead my head said "this is a trick question ... they are trying to trick you into thinking it's a 'common sense' answer".  That's how my head works.   Dang .... no free lunch for me today!  Maybe next time. 

On the bright side:  92% is better than the 84% I got on the last test.  I'll take it!  signed ~ Pollyanna

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